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We believe in continually improving the cows because we believe better cows raise better bulls. Better bulls sire better calves. Better calves build a better industry.

Beginning in 1963, we have been steadfast in our commitment to producing sound, functional, attractive cattle right for the times. Over the course of more than 50 years, what is considered ‘right for the times’ has changed, but soundness has never been out of style. We have pursued a trait balanced approach – never getting too carried away with single trait selection or chasing trends like low birth weights or EPDs.

Since 2014, embryo transfer has played an increasing role in the development of our cow herd. Annually we implant approximately 50 embryos, primarily from our own top donors, but also some selected from other herds.

Our expectation is that every cow in our purebred herd should produce a calf worthy to enter the bull sale or replacement pen. If she doesn’t, she needs a new job as a recipient or commercial cow (or maybe just a trip to town!).

While one school of thought celebrates high cull rates in the bull sale pen, we have chosen a slightly different approach. Rather than having a large cow herd to raise a bull offering culled by a high percentage, our goal is to have a high percentage of bull calves worthy to work as breeding bulls in both commercial and purebred herds. Does this mean we don’t have strict culling criteria? Absolutely not. It means that we are constantly working toward lowering the number born that don’t measure up to the high standards of our customers.

We are proud to be a truly family run operation with our kids taking a keen interest in the cattle. Kylie and Owen are both excellent young cattlemen with growing cow herds of their own within the Wilbar herd.

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